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Spring Course Scheduling Reminders

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Spring Course Scheduling Reminders
by Jordan Nelson - Wednesday, November 15, 2017, 12:28 PM

Spring Course Scheduling Reminders

CAP forms are due between 12/4 - 12/21 with proof of college schedule. 


  • All students must select a Study Skills time regardless of exemption status
  • Submit Study Skills exemption with CAP ONLY when eligible; eligible students must have an approved form on file 
  • Math is required every semester unless a math exemption is submitted w/ supporting documents and CAP and approved by staff
  • Winter courses count as part of the number of classes for the spring semester
  • Students must follow the NSHS academic plan
    • Red scorecards are limited to 3 college courses and have not earned an exemption from spring Study Skills
    • Students with a D in any class are limited to 4 college courses
    • Students who violate the academic plan may be fined for course discrepancies and receive a $500 fine
    • Juniors must be enrolled in 6 courses (including math, English, and social studies)
    • Seniors must be enrolled in 4 courses (including math, English, and social studies)
  • Extra Class Appeals available on a limited basis; approved appeals must be paid directly to NSHS and not the college. Tuition paid to the college for fall, winter, and spring courses will not be reimbursed.  
    • Students may submit an extra class appeal if the academic plan allows for 5 college classes and an exemption from Study Skills
    • Students in spring Study Skills are limited to 3 college courses; see your Site Administrator for winter/4th class option
  • Students are responsible for keeping an updated CAP form on file to avoid fines 
  • Students are reminded to NOT drop any college classes after the final add/drop date without approval 
  • All CAP form and exemption related documents can be found in Announcements & Help (no other forms will be accepted)
  • Please note the High School Resource Sheet under Announcements & Help for proper class flow and science/elective options

Exemption decisions will be in the parent grade pickup 1/2 - 1/4.