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Spring 2018 CAP Forms

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Spring 2018 CAP Forms
by Jordan Nelson - Friday, December 1, 2017, 1:36 PM

Spring CAP Forms

Due 12/4 - 12/21

Watch CAP Video (click link below)

CAP Form Video

ALL students must submit their Spring 2018 CAP form with proof of class schedule (courses must say "Enrolled" for winter/spring semester) between 12/4 - 12/21. Students that are not planning to return next year need to submit a CAP form indicating that they are not returning. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they are not registered for any courses to avoid charges from the college as NSHS cannot add or drop classes for students. CAP form and exemption related documents can be found in Announcements & Help (no other forms will be accepted)

ALL students must enroll into a math class unless they have a NSHS approved math exemption on file. Students planning for a math exemption MUST enroll into Math and stay enrolled until they receive their exemption approval. 

**Students that place into Math 096/120 MUST pass Math 096 (with a C or better not C- or place college level on ACT/SAT/Accuplacer) to fulfill the remediation graduation requirements for NSHS**

ALL students must schedule a Study Skills time regardless of exemption that does not conflict with their college courses. Exemptions must be submitted each semester with CAP form only when eligible.

Scheduling Notes:

  • Winter courses count as part of the number of classes for the spring semester and should go on CAP form
  • Students must follow the NSHS academic plan
    • Red scorecards are limited to 3 college courses and have not earned an exemption from spring Study Skills
    • Students with a D in any class are limited to 4 college courses
    • Students who violate the academic plan may be fined for course discrepancies and receive a $500 fine
    • Juniors must be enrolled in 6 courses (including math, English, and social studies)
    • Seniors must be enrolled in 4 courses (including math, English, and social studies)
  • Extra Class Appeals available on a limited basis; approved appeals must be paid directly to NSHS and not the college. Tuition paid to the college for fall, winter, and spring courses will not be reimbursed.  
  • Students may submit an extra class appeal if the academic plan allows for 5 college classes and an exemption from Study Skills
  • Students in spring Study Skills are limited to 3 college courses; see your Site Administrator for winter/4th class option
  • Students are responsible for keeping an updated CAP form on file to avoid fines 
  • Students are reminded to NOT drop any college classes after the final add/drop date without approval 
  • All CAP form and exemption related documents can be found in Announcements & Help (no other forms will be accepted)
  • Please note the High School Resource Sheet under Announcements & Help for proper class flow and science/elective options

(Edited by Dr. Wendi Hawk - original submission Monday, 27 November 2017, 8:39 AM)