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NSHS Graduation Tickets

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NSHS Graduation Tickets
by Jordan Nelson - Thursday, May 24, 2018, 8:55 PM

Graduation Tickets

On Sale Now! 

All students who purchased a grad packet will be receiving 5 tickets at mandatory graduation practice May 24th at your home campus. 

Extra tickets can be purchased through UNLV's Box Office. Tickets are $5 each and UNLV may charge convenience fees per ticket. Students MUST specify which graduation they are attending. 

Options for purchase:

UNLV Box Office (next to Ham Hall) - charge is $5.00 per ticket
UNLV Phone Order (702-895-2787) $7.75 per ticket which includes a $2.25 per ticket phone fee. Tickets can be mailed if time permits for no additional cost.
UNLV Online Order at $6.25 per ticket which includes a $1.25 per ticket fee.