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Textbook Check Outs

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Textbook Check Outs
by Kate De Jesus - Wednesday, January 14, 2015, 8:35 AM

The following is the REVISED schedule for textbook check outs:

PLEASE pay attention to which days textbooks are available at your site!

Textbooks will not be distributed outside of these dates and times listed for each site. Failure to understand this schedule may cause significant delays in receiving textbooks.

 Textbooks are only available on specific days for each campus

Henderson: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Summerlin: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

12pm-3pm on the following days:

Tuesday, 1/20                    Henderson ONLY

Wednesday, 1/21            Summerlin ONLY

Thursday, 1/22                  Henderson AND Summerlin


Monday, 1/26                    Henderson AND Summerlin

Tuesday, 1/27                    Henderson ONLY

Wednesday, 1/28            Summerlin ONLY

Thursday, 1/29                  Henderson AND Summerlin


Monday, 2/2                      Henderson AND Summerlin

Tuesday, 2/3                      Henderson ONLY

Please refer to the first textbook post and the email sent out in regards to the standard and the new textbook process.