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by Greg Burr - Wednesday, January 27, 2016, 8:59 AM

KeyTrain assignments have been made to all students who have not achieved a gold level on all tests. IF you are gold and would like to test again to earn platinum you need to submit a ticket requesting this! You will be assigned KeyTrain prior to your being able to test.


Username: first last 16 (Notice the space between the first and last name AND the last name and number)

Password: N$h$2016  (NOTE: For Summerlin students, use N$h$2015)

Example: greg burr 16



Due dates are as follows:

Jan 29th level 3 and 4 lessons

Feb 12thlevel 5 lessons

Feb 26th level 6 (all assignments)

The break is a great time to get this done! If you have questions submit a help ticket or stop by your assigned campus.