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PPR Parent/Student Performance Review Due

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PPR Parent/Student Performance Review Due
by Dr. Wendi Hawk - Sunday, February 21, 2016, 12:21 PM

Parent/Student Performance Review Due

Due Monday, March 28 or Tuesday March 29, 2016

Review PPR with Parents/Guardians
  • Students report course grades collected during the week to the parent on the bottom of the PPR form
  • PPR (Parent/Student Performance Review) show the parent reviewed the grades with the student
  • The PPR form also serves as a guide for talking point to discuss college progress and NSHS steps to help get students college ready! 
  • Submit the completed and signed form in person to NSHS during your assigned study skills time to review with NSHS staff on either Monday, March 28th or Tuesday, March 29th 
  • These forms may not be submitted through the help ticket system or email so that in person check can be conducted with NSHS staff