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Boys State and Girls State Information

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Boys State and Girls State Information
by Greg Burr - Monday, March 21, 2016, 3:31 PM

Boys State and Girls State Information

The Delegate Admissions Timeline is as follows: March 31: Application Due

Program description Here:  “Each year the American Legion sponsors the Nevada Boys’ State (NBS) program held at the University of Nevada, Reno - this year it will be June 19th to 25th.  NBS has served Nevada and our youth for over 60 years.  You can learn more about the American Legion’s program at:
The program is designed to mirror the political institutions in the state of Nevada and give your students first-hand experience of how our government functions and how they can best contribute to their communities and develop their leadership skills.  The only program cost is a $60 supply fee which can waived for hardship.  Transportation is provided for students living in southern Nevada. The application submission deadline is April 30th. 
Delegates live in mock cities modeled after cities in Nevada, create political parties, draft legislation, run for political office, and participate in a simulated appellate court case.  These activities culminate with a trip to the State Capitol, where the delegates use the State Assembly and Senate chambers to debate legislation and the State Supreme Court Chambers to hear the appellate court case.  The program is also fun and countless graduates describe it as the highlight of their summer.”


Girls state information is here too: