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BYU Courses
by Janet Chaffin - Thursday, January 5, 2017, 1:12 PM

BYU Spring Courses

 NSHS will submit enrollment information for any students taking a BYU course as part of their spring schedule (this excludes external credits). Students should NOT be adding or paying for BYU courses that are part of their spring courses. Students should look for an email confirmation from BYU around 1/17/2017 indicating that their BYU courses has been activated- at that time students can access and begin the course.


***If you are taking a BYU course because you are in remedial math and therefore limited to 3 college courses, consider using ACT scores or retaking the math placement test to place out of remediation. All changes must be documented on the CAP form and must be made prior to the final day to add/drop courses without fees (see each college’s website for the date)***