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by Jordan Nelson - Monday, July 31, 2017, 9:18 AM

COMPASS Students WorkKeys

ACT has updated their WorkKeys assessment. Your previous tests do not appear to merge with the new tests which is what we indicated may be the issue during the spring retest last year. For this year's 2ND YEAR STUDENTS ONLY during this WorkKeys transition, NSHS is allowing students with a a Gold (all 5's) OR Silver (lowest score is a 4) to opt out of retesting and using KeyTrain. Students with a Bronze (3) or no certificate level need to retest.

If you are interested in retesting this summer with the new students, please submit a help ticket. 2nd year optional re-tests are only being administered at the Downtown Site: 300 North 13th Street (in Latin Chamber of Commerce) on August 21 & 22. Mandatory retesting will take place in March 2018.