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Supporting Boat Festival

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Supporting Boat Festival
by Charley Gibbs - Friday, October 13, 2017, 3:43 PM

Rose Regatta Dragon Boat Festival Support (1 social point)

Support our rowers tomorrow, October 14th from 9am-11am!!! It's at Lake Las Vegas near the "village" by Aston MonteLago. Parking will be packed so it's would suggested to park at Aston MonteLago parking garage if there's room. Ms. Gibbs and NSHS supporters will be under an american flag shade structure. If there's questions, email Ms. Gibbs at or message her on the Remind App.

Aston MonteLago Address:

30 Strada Di Villaggio

Henderson, NV 89011

There will be lots of fun stuff going on so bring friends and family!!