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Returning Student Meetings & Re-Enrollment

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Returning Student Meetings & Re-Enrollment
by Andrea McDonald - Friday, July 2, 2021, 2:30 PM

COMPASS STUDENTS: Returning Student Re-Enrollment Packet and Academic Success Meetings Due!

All returning students can begin submitting their Intro to College course exemptions and completing enrollment forms beginning 7/6. Exemption proof must be submitted by 7/29 at 1PM or you must attend the Intro to College course on August 9th. All second year students are REQUIRED to attend the Intro to College course UNLESS you complete ONE of the following AND submit proof to NSHS: 

Students must complete enrollment IN-PERSON at their NSHS home campus (all visitors must follow Government protocols for social distancing). Students are also required to bring the following documents when completing enrollment:

Second year students will sign enrollment forms provided by the NSHS campus confirming re-enrollment into Nevada State High School. Failure to sign your enrollment form will result in payment for your college classes being dropped. 

Scheduling Academic Success Meetings: