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Schedule Check

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Schedule Check
by Janet Chaffin - Monday, August 26, 2013, 4:11 PM

Schedule Check

The Fall semester has begun. All students must be enrolled in their required college courses (math, English, social studies). If any classes are missing, students are must act immediately to by completing the following prior to contacting NSHS by ticket or phone:

1.Go to mycsn or mygbc and verify your courses are status: Enrolled

2. Check your fall schedule and validate the course start and end dates

NOTE: Some classes open later in the semester, and will become active on the date they begin.

ex: PSC 101 at GBC runs from 10/7-12/16 and will become active on your WebCampus on 10/7.

All students must check CSN and GBC for instructions on activating their online campus to have access to their courses.