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BYU: Final Exam Sign-Up

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BYU: Final Exam Sign-Up
by Jenna Tucker - Tuesday, November 30, 2021, 7:52 AM

BYU Final Exam Sign-Up

December 2ND - 9TH, 2021

If you are taking a BYU course as one of your fall semester courses, all coursework and final exams must be completed and the final course grade must be posted by December 3RD, 2021 (N. NV.) & December 10TH , 2021 (S. NV.) Courses not completed by this deadline will result in an F on your high school transcript and you will be responsible for the cost of the course as well. Seniors paying for a course as an external credit option must also adhere to the same deadline. You must complete and submit all assignments with posted grades before requesting your final exam through your BYU account. Once you take the final exam, you cannot go back and resubmit assignments in the course to update your grade. To request your final exam, you will need to select "Local Proctors" on the final exam request screen under prepare for final exam. Please request the NSHS proctor that coincides with the session you have RSVP’d for listed below. If you accidently request the wrong proctor, you can contact BYU to cancel and re-submit your proctor request at 1-800-914-8931. Submit a ticket at if you have any questions.

RSVP to your BYU Finals Appointments Below (Do not RSVP until you have requested your final and are ready to test) You are able to bring your own laptop to these proctoring sessions:


12/2: (Virtual on ZOOM) Request Mrs. Tucker



12/6: Request Ms. Miller




12/8: Request Ms. Miller




12/9: Request Mrs. Tucker




12/9: Request Ms. Miller



12/7 & 12/10: By appointment only, please submit help ticket to schedule

Submit Request: